Global Network

PAAL is currently working with organizations across 10 European countries and is part of a global network, Progressive Action, Global Exchange (PAGE), which encompasses 60 countries worldwide.

Mission & Vision

  • We are U.S. citizens living abroad who are committed to protecting and expanding democracy and social, racial and environmental justice.
  • We envision a united global network of immigrants and local allies taking concrete action for social, gender, racial and economic equality; tolerance and inclusion; and progressive politics, both in the U.S. and around the world.

What We Do

U.S. Focus:

  1. Take direct action communicating our values to our U.S. representatives. Attend town halls at the U.S. Embassy. Track state and federal legislation on specific issues.
  2. Support and collaborate with local, state, and national organizations in the U.S. that are committed to our values. Build partnerships with these organizations by communicating with them directly about how U.S. citizens abroad can make an impact.

International Focus:

  1. Organize locally and aim for local intersectional cooperation with stakeholders in our communities.
  2. Build coalitions with Norwegian organizations that share our values, learn more about the issues impacting Norwegian society and support advocacy organization by volunteering, donating to, and assisting in the organization of local demonstrations and events.
  3. Work globally with our international network on coordinating solidarity demonstrations and actions that affect the global community.

How We Work

PAAL is issue focused:

  1. At the start each year, we choose action groups.
  2. PAAL members can choose which action group(s) s/he wants to work on throughout the year.
  3. Action groups focus on specific issues and track legislation affecting these issues at the state and federal level.
  4. Action groups also follow and engage with local, state, national and international organizations working on their issues to stay informed and keep up to date with action alerts.
  5. Each action group has a team leader responsible for hosting one meeting per year, focused on her/his action group issue.